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Roxana Breitenbach
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New Project: "SocialMediaHistory"!

In March 2021, the joint project of the Junior Professorship for History Education in Bochum and the Department of Public History at the University of Hamburg will start: "SocialMediaHistory - History and Democracy on Instagram and TikTok"! More information can be found on the project pages (RUB and UHH).

Online-Conference "'Menschen im Bergbau - Perspectiven auf Oral History, Industriekultur und Vermittlung"

On May 7 and 8, 2021, the online conference "'Menschen im Bergbau - Perspectiven auf Oral History, Industriekultur und Vermittlung" will take place. It is part of the research project "Menschen im Bergbau".
The event will focus on the opportunities and limitations of oral history for the Ruhr region and beyond, as well as on the role of contemporary witnesses and their narratives for the culture of remembrance. In addition to the mechanisms of action in the media world, the conference will also focus on the extent to which the examination of contemporary witnesses is taken into account in historical-political educational work.

The conference is aimed at researchers, actors in historical culture as well as teachers. The event can be credited to teachers as a continuing education course.

More information, including registration (possible until April 15, 2021) can be found here.


In spring 2021, Osburg Verlag will publish an annotated edition of the Fröschweiler Chronik. Kriegs- und Friedensbilder aus dem Jahr 1870Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg edits the volume together with Prof. Dr. Tobias Arand (PH Ludwigsburg).

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In November 2020, the 19th volume of the Zeitschrift für Geschichtsdidaktik was published with a focus on "moving pictures". The journal is edited by Christian Bunnenberg.


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Current projects include history in immersive media (AR, VR, 360° film), history teaching under digital conditions and history of the 19th century. 

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Public History

In January 2020, the fourth year of the Master's programme in Public History opened the special exhibition "Die ignorierte Pandemie?" [The ignored pandemic?]. Here you can find the exhibition and the catalogue

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