Project: Digital Classroom Lab – How to teach History in the Future

Duration: since 2019

The digitisation of education is one of the central challenges for schools and teacher education - not only from an infrastructural, but also from a methodological and didactical perspective. From the perspective of history didactics, there is a need for a theory-based and practice-oriented training of students to qualify them for history teaching under digital conditions. In view of historical-didactic desiderata, technical progress and the infrastructural equipment of the universities, the subject of history has not yet been able to meet this need in an appropriate form. In order to improve teaching and research in the field of "History education under digital conditions", a "Digital Classroom Lab" (DCL) will be established by the Assistant Professor for History Education  at RUB. In this lab courses on history education can be offered and realised under "laboratory conditions" in a working environment that meets the requirements of current research and technology. In the DCL, methodological and didactic aspects of historical learning under the conditions of the 21st century (Keyword 4K model of learning – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity) are developed, tested, reflected and refined. The "Digital Classroom Lab" will be set up in the GA library and is scheduled to open in 2020. 

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg speaks in the RUBeL-Podcast - the podcast of the eLearning department from the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZfW) of the Ruhr-University Bochum with topics around eLearning - about "Digitalisierung und historisches Lernen" [Digitalization and history education]. Link (15. Mai 2020).
  • On 6 March 2020, Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg will present the project "Digital Classroom Lab - How to teach History in the Future" in a lecture at the conference "Geschichtsdidaktische Hochschullehre" (5-6 March 2020) at the University of Göttingen. You can find the programme here.
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg informs about the planned "Digital Classroom Lab" during the think tank "Digitalisierung an Schulen" at RUB (25 June 2019). Link and Flyer
  • "How history should be taught in the future" - Statement by Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg in the Science Magazine Rubin (1/2019). Link
  • Great pleasure! The project "Digital Classroom Lab - How to teach History in the Future" developed by the Assistant Professor for History Education  is funded by the university programme "Digital Teaching". The planned laboratory is intended enable teaching and research on "History teaching under digital conditions". Click here for further information.