Student und Studetin zwischen Buchregalen
The semester ticket will be reduced in price, the re-registration procedure remains the same: all enrolled students must transfer the social contribution on time.
Zwei Studentinnen und ein Student mit Laptop im Gespräch
You have been admitted to Ruhr University Bochum? No matter whether you have chosen a non-restricted Bachelor's programme or have accepted admission to a restricted degree programme: In order to study at the Ruhr University, you must enrol on time.
Luftaugnahme einer Großdemo, hier Bochum am 19. Januar 2024
Ruhr University Bochum is committed to its values; we are international and diverse.

Our Clusters of Excellence

In the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV, scientists work in the field of solvation science.
IT security has become a central societal issue since networked devices have permeated our world. This is what the Cluster of Excellence CASA is concerned with.


Injuries in the central nervous system heal poorly because cavities scar. Researchers hope to remedy this problem by filling the cavities in such a way that stem cells feel comfortable in them.
With combined strength, the University Alliance Ruhr has reached the second round in the Excellence Strategy competition.

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