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Prospective students can apply for the lottery procedure for for degree programmes with restricted admission until 15 October March 2023. The results of the procedure will be published by the Admissions Office.
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Enrollment is now possible for all degree programs at Ruhr University with open admission. Applicants for degree programs with restricted admission can find out about the status of their application at the Infoportal Zulassung.
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This date should be noted by all.


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The award, presented by Business Metropole Ruhr, is dedicated to individuals who have significantly impacted the region.
At the Collaborative Research Centre “Extinction Learning”, researchers are offered support with storing, sharing, archiving and publishing their data.

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For me as Rector of Ruhr University Bochum, sustainability is a basic component of the strategy of a modern university.

Prof. Dr. Martin Paul, Rector of Ruhr University Bochum
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