RUB for university teachers

Guidance, further education, funding and grant schemes: RUB teachers have access to a wealth of different services that help them gain new ideas for their teaching programmes.

Dates and events

RUB-internal calls for proposals

  • Universitätsprogramm "UNIC@RUB"

    • Applications can be submitted at any time.

External calls for proposals

You can find more dates here.

Outstanding teaching and education inspire students and turn them into enthusiastic researchers in the making. Accordingly, teaching and education at RUB follow clearly defined objectives and a clearly outlined strategy.

Support for university teachers

Qualification and guidance for university teachers.

RUB teachers are aided and guided by a wealth of services.

If you wish to explore available teaching and education services in depth, please reach out to the following contacts:

Here, the perfect tools for innovative teaching are available.


International education and research and a university that is open to the world: at RUB the world is at home – and the distances to other countries are short.


Teaching downloads

Information on inspiring teaching formats and methods. Click to learn more!

Teaching pattern

Provides samples of modules, teaching sessions, teaching elements and numerous other examples of innovative teaching – both online and offline.

Practical eLearning examples

How digital can teaching be? Check out practical examples and find inspiration for your own lectures and seminars.


All vacancies at RUB in academic positions and for lecturers with special responsibilities are advertised at Stellenwerk Bochum. None of the ads is older than 28 days.

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