Qualification and guidance for university teachers

From higher-education didactics to scientific writing: learn more about the RUB’s services.

Qualification programme “Professional teaching competence in higher-education”

The qualification programme aims at improving and optimising teaching and education. Participants discuss different aspects of higher-education didactics. The programme offers interdisciplinary as well as discipline-specific exchange. Thus, the discussion is driven by different perspective, approaches and discipline cultures.

Guidance and consultancy in higher-education didactics

RUB Didactics of Higher Education offers a wealth of guidance and consultancy services for teachers. Consequently, teachers are provided feedback, have a change to reflect on their approaches, and gain new ideas for their lectures and seminars.

eLearning guidance and consultancy

In order to promote digitalisation in teaching and education, all RUB members have access to a wealth of eLearning tools and services. The RUB eLearning team is ready at hand to provide advice in respect to both media didactics and technical implementation.

Scientific writing guidance and training

The Writing Centre is part of the Centre for Teaching and Learning and offers guidance and training on how to write and how to teach writing at university. In training programmes and individual interviews, teachers learn how to best help students acquire technical and scientific writing skills; moreover, advice is provided on integrating writing as a learning instrument or as a medium of critical thinking in teaching and education.

RUB for university teachers
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