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Learning environments and tools for teachers

Here, the perfect tools for innovative teaching are available.

eLearning Tools

RUB supplies its teachers with a broad range of eLearning tools. The eLearning unit at the Centre of Academic Didactics provides advice on voting tools, help authoring tools, interactive cards, blogs, ePortfolios and Wikis.

Moodle eLearning platform

Moodle is a learning platform that can be used to make study material accessible online. Moodle courses can thus be utilised to great effect in addition to in-class lectures. The learning platform offers numerous opportunities to integrate eLearning elements into teaching and education. It has a comprehensive assessment section, provides a wealth of communication and collaboration tools, and helps teachers add playful elements to their online courses.

Web conferences

Web conferences can be utilised in teaching and education in many different ways. Possible scenarios include, for example, online lectures and digital office hours. They can moreover aid location-independent group projects as well as international teaching projects.

Intellectual property in teaching and education

Most university teachers routinely make use of third-party study materials. Legal ambiguities arising due to the use of such contents are a common occurrence. The Rubel team provides information on various aspects of intellectual property rights and offers in-depth assistance and consultancy.

Recording and streaming

Recordings of lectures and seminars may be used by students for revision purposes. Moreover, they can also be integrated in online courses. Streaming is a good option for location-independent or high-frequency lectures and seminars.

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