Trainings at the Professorship for Didactics of History and Public History

The junior professorship regularly offers further training courses for history teachers of all school types and grades, history departments at schools, trainee teachers and student assistants, subject leaders at the centers for practical teacher training and study seminars, as well as multipliers and actors in historical-political education. Cooperation partners in the past have included the Körber Foundation (Hamburg), the Haus der Geschichte (Bonn), the Städteregion Aachen and the Goethe Institute (Cairo). Furthermore, the research area is involved with contributions to the RUB Teachers Day.

The advanced training courses link history didactic theory with teaching-pragmatic perspectives. The thematic and methodological design is made in consultation with the cooperation partners or on request.

Topics of the trainings:

  • witnesses as a source for historical project work
  • Oral history in history education
  • History in film - films in history education
  • History in comics
  • History education in the museum as an extracurricular place of learning
  • Written sources in history education - new perspectives on "classical" source genres
  • History lessons 2.0? - digital media and content in history education
  • Geschichtswettbewerb des Bundespräsidenten - research-based learning and project work on historical topics
  • Research-discovery learning and creative forms of presentation in history lessons and in historical project work