Project: Mining in the Recklinghausen district – Model project for the cooperation between schools and municipal archives

Duration: 2020-2021

The project explores how the archival-pedagogical learning opportunities  of the smaller, municipal archives in NRW can be extended for school-based learning groups. Therefore a working group with members from the “Bildungspartner NRW - Archiv und Schule”, the “LWL-Archivamt”, the “ZfSL Recklinghausen”, municipal archives of the Recklinghausen district, teachers and the Assistant Professor for History Education  has been formed. The basic assumption behind the project is that the mentioned archives do not have enough temporal and material resources and that there are uncertainties regarding the pedagogical-didactical prerequisites and needs of the learning groups. It was considered useful to network several municipal archives in order to develop supporting measures. The result of the model project will be a learning aid for pupils at schools in the district of Recklinghausen (available in print and/or online), which presents the industrial development of the region in the years 1870-1912 on the basis of exemplary archival material as well as the cooperation of school learning groups with municipal archives. As part of the project, the Junior Professorship develops didactic suggestions for the use of the learning material in class.

A teacher training as part of the RUB Teachers Day 2020 unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Corona.