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Membrane Biochemistry

Membrane BiochemistryProf. Dr. Thomas Günther-Pomorski

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Molecular Neurobiochemistry

Molecular NeurobiochemistryProf. Dr. Rolf Heumann

Room NBCF 04/239
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Electrobiochemistry of Neural Cells

ElectrobiochemistryProf. Dr. Irmgard Dietzel-Meyer

Room NC 7/170
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Nerve cells in the adult brain do not divide any more. When they die due to diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, they are lost. Researchers from Bochum have tried a new way to save them. In an animal model they were able to show that a mutated protein switch, which induces cell division and prevents cell death, can protect nerve cells. In other cells, the erroneous permanent activation of this switch causes cancer with its typical cell proliferation. From this the research team Dr. Sebastian Neumann, Dr. Konstantin Kuteykin-Teplyakov and Prof. Dr. Rolf Heumann has developed a new method for protecting nerve cells, which was published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences on March 6, 2024.

Press Release. Abstract. The complete article is openly accessible.



Lisa BachmannLisa Bachmann defended her PhD thesis on 12 January 2024. Congratulations to Lisa from the Molecular Biochemistry team!



Huriye Deniz UzunDeniz Uzun defended her PhD thesis on 8 December 2023. Congratulations to Deniz from the Molecular Biochemistry team!



Akriti SoniAkriti Soni defended her PhD thesis entitled “Membrane proteins and their domains” on 25 September 2023. Congratulations to Akriti from the Molecular Biochemistry team!



Sarina VeitSarina Veit defended her PhD thesis entitled “Investigation of P4-ATPases in Cryptococcus neoformans: from heterologous expression to liposomal ensemble studies and single vesicle analysis” on 30 May 2023. Congratulations to Sarina from the Molecular Biochemistry team!

Cover image in Bio-protocol


Cover of Bio-protocol 5 November 2022An illustration from Sarina's and Laura's protocols is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Bio-protocol.

GBM Meeting


GBM-Meeting 2022This year we had the great pleasure of hosting the International Meeting of the GBM Study Group 2022: Molecular Neurobiology, which was supported by the RUB Research School and The (German) Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. We thank the organizing team led by Prof. Heumann for their efforts to make this conference a successful event.

Celebration 30 Years of Biochemistry


Praktikumssaal BiochemieTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of our biochemistry studies course we invite all graduates to a celebration on 01.10.2022. Please register via e-mail. The programme and the registration form an be found on the website of the faculty.



Laura PaweletzLaura Paweletz defended her PhD thesis entitled “A liposome-based approach for the study of P-type ATPases: towards single-vesicle analysis” on 30 June 2022. Congratulations to Laura from the Molecular Biochemistry team!



Heiko LeßlichHeiko Michael Leßlich defended his PhD thesis entitled “Investigation of sodium current-dependent sodium potassium ATPase expression in plasma membranes of thyroid hormone-treated neural cultures from postnatal rat hippocampus” on 22 April 2022. Congratulations to Heiko from the Molecular Biochemistry team!

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