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Main Ruhr-Universität contact points:

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
44780 Bochum
Phone: +49 234 32-201
Fax: +49 234 14-201

The Ruhr-Universität is represented by its rector,Prof. Dr Axel Schölmerich at the above address.

The Ruhr-Universität is an institution of higher education and is a public body of the Federal State of Nordrhein-Westfalen that operates in accordance with the Education Law of the Federal State of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

The University carries the name of Ruhr-Universität Bochum and uses this name in insignia and seals. The Ruhr-Universität sales tax number is DE 127 056 261.

Editorial oversight for the official Ruhr-Universität web presence:

Department 8 - Corporate Communication
Dr Barbara Kruse
Universitätsstraße 150
44801 Bochum
Phone: +49 234 32-22133
Fax: +49 234 32-14136

WWW-Server contact:

Universitätsstraße 150
44801 Bochum
Phone: +49 234 32-24000
Fax: +49 234 32-14214
Volkmar Rudolph
Phone: +49 234 32-23411

Reporting misuse: Please report any misuse, including illegal content and links, issuing from workstations or web pages from an IP-address or web presence within the domain by Email to:

Legal Notice:

The Ruhr-Universität holds the copyright of all text, images, and layout of its official web presence, i.e. of all content of the pages within the central Ruhr-Universität WWW server with domain name Copying and altering the contents of any of these pages is permitted only with the expressed permission of the Ruhr-Universität. Saving copying of web pages on a personal computer for the purpose of viewing with a browser is permitted.
All other content of pages on the Ruhr-Universität WWW server is the editorial responsibility of the respective faculties, institutes, departments or units.

The Ruhr-Universität accepts no liability, within the bounds of law, for the content of its web presence or for any third party pages given by links on its pages. The Ruhr-Universität expressly distances itself from the content of any linked pages and does not consider these pages to be its own.

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