Konstantina MettouriKonstantina Mettouri

Isolation and culture of chicken fibroblasts

Supervisor: Julia Baum

Halide Gül YöneyHalide Gül Yöney

Heterologous expression of plant membrane protein complexes in yeast

Supervisor: Dr. Huriye Deniz Uzun

Jeanne Marie ScherfJeanne Marie Scherf

Isolation and characterisation of P4-type ATPases in co-polymer nanodiscs

Supervisor: Ekaterina Malyshenko


Celine BothCeline Both

Expression and purification of lipid flippase complexes

since 06.10.2023

Supervisor: Richard Villagrana

Tom EchterhoffTom Echterhoff

Enzymatic synthesis of fluorescent lipid derivatives

Supervisor: Stephanie Koll

Aylin YalcinAylin Yalcin

Synthesis of biosensors

Supervisor: Dr. Laura Paweletz

Zeynep TirisZeynep Tiris

Preparation of giant vesicles

Supervisor: Huriye Deniz Uzun

Kevin LeKevin Le

Preparation of giant vesicles from cellular membranes

Supervisor: Huriye Deniz Uzun


Fabian RübsamenFabian Rübsamen

Lipid interactors of a P-type H+-ATPase

31.05.2022 to 29.08.2022

Supervisors: Laura Paweletz, Ekaterina Malyshenko

Assil Abu RasAssil Abu Ras

Use of fluorescent lipids to analyse phospholipases

27.05.2022 to 08.07.2022

Supervisor: Laura Paweletz

Lisa TrzebiatowskiSupervisor

Effect of various cannabidiol and polyphenol derivatives on the intracellular aggregation of amyloid-β- and p-tau in cerebral organoids

30.06.2022 bis 29.09.2022

Betreuer: PD Dr. Thorsten Müller

Luzie HardtLuzie Hardt

Immunofluorescence and high-resolution imaging characterization of amyloid-β oligomer treated cerebral organoids

31.05.2022 to 29.08.2022

Supervisor: PD Dr. Thorsten Müller

Maiko Maria-Luise CzarnetzkiMaiko Maria-Luise Czarnetzki

Generation of giant vesicles from complex lipid compositions

13.06.2022 to 09.09.2022

Supervisor: Huriye Deniz Uzun


Eva DiesterbeckEva Diesterbeck

Reconstitution of membrane transporters


Supervisor: Huriye Deniz Uzun

Natalie WelzelNatalie Welzel

Analysis of lipid flippase-deficient muscle cells


Supervisor: Julia Baum


Lukas van ImpelLukas van Impel

Analysis of PML and related interaction partners


Supervisor: PD Dr. Thorsten Müller

Malina LöbIrina Shevyreva

Giant vesicles as a tool to verify lipid scramblase activity


Supervisor: Patricia Mathiassen

Malina LöbMalina Löb

Fluorescence-based activity assay to characterize P-type H+-ATPases


Supervisor: Laura Paweletz


Julia BaumJulia Baum

Characterisation of lipid flippase knockouts in C2C12 muscle cells

Supervisor: Marta Grifell Junyent

Kevin BogaKevin Boga

Optimization of model membranes for protein-mediated sterol transport


Supervisor: Sarina Veit

Jannis AnstattJannis Anstatt

Establishment of fluorophore-tagged cell lines by CRISPR/Cas9


Supervisor: PD Dr. Thorsten Müller

Michelle WernerMichelle Werner

Identification of FE65-interacting proteins in the nucleus


Supervisor: PD Dr. Thorsten Müller

Esma KarakurtEsma Karakurt

Regulation of sodium current density in hippocampal neurons


Supervisor: Heiko Leßlich

Jennifer MohrJennifer Mohr

Sodium and potassium membrane current density in cryopreserved primary rat neurons


Supervisor: Annika Haak


Lisa BachmannLisa Bachmann

Influence of T3 and FGF-2 on the amplitude of Na+/K+ ATPase pump currents depending on the Na+ current in neurons


Supervisor: Heiko Leßlich

Sascha DöringSascha Döring

Effect of FGF-2 on sodium currents and ouabain binding sites in neuronal cultures


Supervisor: Heiko Leßlich

Aneet Kaur VirkAneet Kaur Virk

Effect of hormones on the ratio of neurons to glial cells

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Irmgard Dietzel-Meyer

Dario GajewskiDario Gajewski

Quantification of lamin positive cells in human hippocampus sections of Alzheimer's diesease and control patients using immunohistochemistry and cofocal microscopy


Supervisor: Sophia Meermeyer

Philip KienitzPhilip Kienitz

Designing a C-terminal GFP knock-in at the APP using the CRISPR/Cas9 system and surveyor screening of potential guide RNA candidates


Supervisor: Katharina Kolbe, David Marks

Ekaterina MalyshenkoEkaterina Malyshenko

Cloning and qualitative analysis of various gRNAs for the generation of a TP53-GFP knock-in model using CRISPR/Cas9


Supervisor: Dr. Hassan Bukhari, David Marks

Sebastian WittigSebastian Wittig

CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene tagging to create fluorescent reporter gene cell lines


Supervisor: David Marks

Emilio PanoEmilio Pano

Optimisation of the expression and purification of a plant P4 ATPase


Supervisor: Sara Abad Herrera


Huriye Deniz UzunHuriye Deniz Uzun

Molecular analysis of proton pumps


Laura-Louise Diana RudisLaura-Louise Diana Rudis

Reconstitution of membrane transporters in giant unilamellar vesicles


Ronja Marie KühnelRonja Marie Kühnel

Synthesis of lipid-linked sensors


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