Ongoing Doctoral Theses

Lasse BredegaardLasse Bredegaard

Lipid dynamics in muscle cell development

since 01.10.2023

Julia BaumJulia Baum

Role of lipid flippases in muscle cell development

since 01.04.2022

Sebastian MeschSebastian Mesch

Lipid dynamics in peroxisomes

since 15.10.2021

David MarksDavid Marks

Cerebral organoids as a disease model system: Investigating the role of APOE mutation variants in Alzheimer's disease

since May 2020

Finished Doctoral Theses

Lucia Gallego VillarejoLucia Gallego Villarejo

IPS cell culture, cerebral organoids and CRISPR/Cas9 technology as novel models to study Alzheimers disease

01.10.2019 to

funded by the Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP) of the DAAD

Lisa BachmannLisa Bachmann

Alzheimer's disease pathology in presenilin-1 mutation cerebral organoids

2020 to 12.01.2024

Huriye Deniz UzunHuriye Deniz Uzun

Single vesicle studies of membrane transporters

15.10.2019 to 08.12.2023

Akriti SoniAkriti Soni

Membrane proteins and their domains

01.02.2020 to 30.09.2023

Sarina VeitSarina Veit

Investigation of P4-ATPases in Cryptococcus neoformans: from heterologous expression to liposomal ensemble studies and single vesicle analysis

15.03.2019 to 30.05.2023

Laura PaweletzLaura Paweletz

A liposome-based approach for the study of P-type ATPases: towards single-vesicle analysis

01.10.2017 to 30.06.2022

Heiko LeßlichzHeiko Leßlich

Investigation of sodium current-dependent sodium potassium ATPase expression in plasma membranes of thyroid hormone-treated neural cultures from postnatal rat hippocampus

01.09.2017 to 22.04.2022

Patricia MathiassenPatricia Pipaluk Mia Mathiassen

Functional reconstitution of membrane transporters

01.09.2016 to 27.08.2021

Sara AbadSara Ursula Abad Herrera

Molecular analysis of membrane pumps

16.05.2016 to 06.07.2021

Dennis PaligaDennis Paliga

Generation and characterisation of membrane-permeable proteins to program dopaminergic neurons

01.09.2016 to 13.11.2020

Marta Grifell JunyentMarta Grifell Junyent

Role of lipid transporters in myoblast fusion

to 28.02.2020

Lyubomir Dimitrov StanchevLyubomir Dimitrov Stanchev

Cellular transport of sterols

01.01.2017 to 30.10.2019

Fabian RaudzusFabian Raudzus

Remote-controlled signaling pathway activation with biofunctionalized magnetic nanoparticles in neurons

14.02.2014 to 29.03.2019

Hendrik SchönebornHendrik Schöneborn

Hijacking cell signaling pathways with magnetic nanoactuators in neurons

11.08.2014 to 22.03.2019

Lars KlapalLars Klapal

Effect of differently stimulated microglia and major cytokines on neuronal Na+ currents

15.11.2015 to 26.10.2018

Denis ThatenhorstDenis Thatenhorst

Local water fluxes across the cell membrane of migrating oligodendrocyte progenitor cells

to 17.07.2018

Hassan BukhariHassan Bukhari

Generation and pathophysiological relevance of nuclear FE65/TIP60 spheres as a function of the amyloid precursor protein phosphorylation

to 02.03.2018

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