The Department of Biochemistry II has two molecular biology and biochemistry laboratories, three cell culture laboratories, two microcopy laboratories, and one lipid laboratory for analysis and synthesis. All laboratories comply with S1 gene technology standards.

Special Equipment

SEC-MALSSize exclusion chromatography system with multi-angle light scattering, refractive index and fluorescence detectors to determine molecular weight, size and concentration of macromolecules and particles in solution

Free-flow-ElektrophoreseFree-flow electrophoresis for the continuous (semi)preparative electrophoretic separation and isolation of purified proteins, protein complexes, membrane vesicles, and organelles in larger scales

DurchflußzytometerFlow cytometer for cell counting and analysis (one light source 488 nm; three fluorescence parameters, FSC, SSC)

FluoreszenzspektrometerFluorescence spectrometer with fast switching of the excitation wavelength (250 switches/s)

MikroskopMicroscopy laboratory I with widefield microscope and cell injector for imaging fluorescence, transmitted light, and phase contrast

Confokal microskopeMicroscopy laboratory II with confocal laser scanning microscope Leica TCS SP8 with FLIM/FCS module

TIRF microscopeMicroscopy laboratory III with microscope for total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRFM)

ZellkulturCell culture laboratory for the preparation and cultivation of primary cells

ZellkulturCell culture laboratory for the preparation and cultivation of cell lines

HefelaborYeast laboratory for the preparation and cultivation of yeast and bacterial cells

LipidlaborLipid laboratory for the preparation of lipids and model membranes