Summary: ReSeeD is a web tool for storing, describing, archiving and publshing your research data. Find out how ReSeeD can make you data management feel easy.
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ReSeeD - Research Data Management System

The Research Data Management System ReSeeD takes care of your research data throughout the research process - it manages, archives and publishes your research data. Ruhr University Bochum has developed ReSeeD as a cental platform to support sustainable management of the research data in the interests of good scientific practice and the practice and the FAIR principles . The aim of ReSeeD is to offer a technical platform for the permanent storage, structuring and - if desired - publication of research data. To this end, ReSeeD will support the process of data structuring, make data easy to find, and support the sharing of data to promote re-use and thus provide a basis for sustainable research.

ReSeeD enables you

  • to store and manage your data as early as when it is generated thus fulfilling the requirements of funders such ans the DFG (German Science Foundation).
  • to describe your data with metadata.
  • to manage accessibility of your data which is set to private by default but ReSeeD allows you to change accessibility to your data.
  • to share your data with your group or external collaborators.
  • to archive your data for 10-years (bit-stream preservation on the central research data storage of Ruhr University Bochum.
  • to publish a dataset with a DOI to foster open sciences

Website and login

You can find ReSeeD at the website and login with your RUB LoginID or using the ORCID service.

ReSeeD supports specific workflows and data models

Some groups, collaborative projects such as collaborative research centers (CRC) or facilities may have more particular requirements. Research data services offer consultation on

  • specific metadata models supporting discipline specific
  • specific workflows to support
  • more complex roles and authorisations
  • etc.

Since ReSeeD is open source and developed at RUB specific requirements can be implemented. Such work need careful planning and resourcing of development so we ask you if you are interested to contact us as early as in the application phase of your project. We are happy to support you.