Summary: You can create a separate RDMO project for each of your research projects. By selecting a catalog you determine which questions will be displayed to you in the interview.
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Create a project

  1. After logging in, choose the option “Create new project”.

  2. Enter a title and a short description of the project.

  3. Choose the preferred catalog.

  4. Optional: Select a parent project out of your existing projects to take over its content. You can find more information about that under Select a parent project.

  5. Confirm your settings with the “Create project” button. You can change the chosen catalog later by editing the project information.

Your project has been created and you are now in the project’s overview.

Editing project information.
Editing project information.

Which catalog to choose?

The various catalogs determine which questions are displayed during the interview. You can start with a catalog that suits your specific requirements at the moment and change the catalog later at any time. Note, changing the catalog of your project will not delete any answers you have entered so far.

Catalog Purpose
UA Ruhr-Consultation Do you need advice on creating a data management plan or on your RDM in general? Fill out this catalog and contact us.
UA Ruhr-Application Funding agencies are demanding more and more information on the handling of research data. Use this catalog if you want to document your data management for a grant application.
UA Ruhr-Archiving Use this catalog if you plan to store the data in a central repository or archive. In addition to questions about data storage the catalog also contains some general project questions which are relevant, for example, to common meta data standards.
UA Ruhr-Training This catalog complements the Moodle course “Research Data Management”. It contains basic questions about organizing, documenting, archiving and publishing research data.
UA Ruhr This catalog contains all questions and covers all relevant aspects of research data management including some domain-specific questions and is therefore rather extensive. Use this catalog if you want to organize the data management of a collaborative project or facility.
Horizon2020 This catalog is specifically adapted to EU funding applications under Horizon2020.

Select a parent project

To transfer your answers from one of your existing projects to your current project, you can define a parent project.

  1. Select one of your projects either by creating a new project (point 4) or in the menu on the right under “Update parent project”.

  2. Confirm importing the content of your parent project in the menu on the right under “Import from parent project”.

Select a parent project
Select a parent project
Import answers from a parent project
Import answers from a parent project

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