Summary: Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) is a web tool for documenting and planning your data management. Find out how RDMO can help you with your research.
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Research Data Management Organiser

RDMO supports your data management
RDMO supports your data management

Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) supports you in planning your data management and in creating data management plans as well as text modules for your funding application. A structured interview helps you to document all the important aspects of your data management.

RDMO helps you

  • to consider every important aspect of data management and documentation in advance (for example responsibilities, requirements for data storage, data documentation and archiving)
  • to establish a commmon basis for data management in your team and to record agreements
  • to create a data management plan or text modules for your grant application
  • to create versioned data management plans for your funder via snapshot function (for example in the context of EU-Horizon2020 projects)

Website and login

You can find RDMO at the website and login using the ORCID service.

Local adjustments of RDMO

For collaborative projects or facilities, it may be useful to set up your own instance of RDMO to make adjustments to the catalogs. We are happy to support you.