Summary: online material and courses on research data management
Table of Contents

Websites and guides

E-Learning Courses

Domain-specific e-learning courses

  • CESSDA Training
    This course is intended for social science researchers. Duration of the entire tour is approximately 15 hours. Practical information and explanations are provided making this course interesting for researchers of other subjects, too.

  • Data Carpentry
    This website offers domain-specific lessons on data management and data processing. It currently provides lessons for ecology, genomics, social sciences and geospatial data. Lessons for digtial humanties, image analysis, economics, and astronomy are being developed or considered.

  • gfbio Training Materials
    Training and information resources offered by the German Federation for Biological Data (gfbio).

  • Data and the FAIR Prinicples
    This course offers modules for researchers who are working with neuroimaging data. Five lessons focus on FAIR and reproducibility, and linked data.

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