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Prehistoric archaeological study collection

Razor of the Urnfield culture
Razor of the Urnfield culture

The study collection of prehistoric finds is used for educational and study purposes and currently consists of 687 inventoried registered objects. Those objects are either property of the institute obtained by buying, through donations or permanent loans. The study collection is not thematic or chronological classified and consists of finds from the Palaeolithic, the Neolithic, the Metal Ages, the Roman Times and Middle Ages in form of original lithic artefacts, ceramics, bone and antler objects and some replicas. Objects of the study collection are recorded in an inventory register and an image database and serve during courses as illustrative material. The study collection is not open to the public.

Some examples from the collection:

Neolithic silex dagger

Terra Sgillata

Ceramic of the Rössen culture

Chalcolithic ceramics

Bronze axe

Neolithic axes

Fibula of the Halstatt culture