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BibliothekThe library of the RUB is one of Germany’s major university libraries. Library

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Over the roofs of Bochum

“Scouting for archaeological traces is addictive”, says Boaquan Song who is an aerial archaeologist at the institute for Archaeological Sciences. „Actually flying was never part of my dream“, he says. However, because of his job at RUB he had to learn how to be a pilot and is regularly seen with his camera over the roofs of Bochum. Watch the new film of our series

Calculating disease susceptibility

The question if an individual will suffer from relapsing major depressive disorder is not de-termined by accident. Neuroscientists from the Mercator Research Group "Structure of Memory" study the disease using computer-based models. Press Release


The International Portal provides students and researchers with information on how to apply to RUB, going abroad, services offered by the International Office and RUB’s international profile.

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Which subjects and combinations of subjects are available for study at RUB? What degree options are there and what are the benefits? Comprehensive information for prospective students at a glance.

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The RUB is much more than a place of learning, teaching, and research. It is located in the heart of an exciting region which, as part of the Ruhr metropolis, is one of Europe's largest urban centres.

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