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Studies and Teaching

The Institute of Archaeological Studies was founded in 2002 by combining the courses of classical archaeology and prehistoric archaeology. This unique formal and substantial combination of these sister disciplines create the centrepiece of the institute. The teaching reflects this pretension at all levels. Both subjects are not only represented in their main area but also accommodate a methodological, objective, chronological and geographical extended concept of science in various ways, such as the archaeometry course and archaeology courses of the Phoenician diaspora.

The ambition of both of the bachelor degree courses is a profound education in of conveying scientific contents and strengthening personal competence in the courses of classical archaeology, prehistoric archaeology and archaeometry as well as interdisciplinary work.
The technical consolidation and broadening takes place in the masters programme which enables the accomplishment of self-sufficient scientific or applied papers or projects as well as responsible assistance in teamwork in archaeology or other areas of activities.

The following course of studies are provided:

A bachelor degree course in the subject of Archaeological Studies, 1- or 2- subject model in each of the courses of Classical Archaeology and Prehistoric Archaeology. The emphasis on one discipline is possible.

In the 1-subject bachelor degree course additional courses in Archaeometry can be attended, therefore it is possible to place the emphasis on Archaeometry. In the 2-subject model Archaeological Studies a further course has to be integrated.

In the 2-subject bachelor degree course a combination of Archaeological Studies and History is possible with which a German-French double degree in cooperation with the Université Franςois Rabelais Tours can be obtained.

Based on a bachelor’s degree it is possible to enrol in the master programmes of Classical Archaeology, Prehistorical Archaeology and Economic and Raw Material Archaeology as 1-subject or 2-subject programmes. If the 1-subject programme is chosen it is necessary to also choose an additional area of study (Ergänzungsbereich). If the 2-subject programme is chosen a second field of study is chosen on par with Archaeological Studies. In addition to that the institute takes part in the master programme of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

For the precise study guidelines please refer to the respective study regulation. A Students Advisory Service is offered by staff members as well as students.