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Digitised Images

The institute features a photo library and a collection of diapositives. For the usage of images during the course of studies it is suggested that digital image databases (e.g. Prometheus) are used which can be accessed through the campus licence or which are directly involved with the institute. Also a student assistant takes orders for image scans (see notice of office hours).

Regulations for the Digital Library (Classical Archaeology)

Every user will be held accountable for legal consequences due to copyright infringements.

  • Digital images used in presentations are to be checked if they are available in the relevant databases (e.g. ArkuBiD, Prometheus).
  • Images which are not included in the database can be submitted via order form. Order forms are available at the workplace of the library supervisor.
  • The order forms are to be filled out precisely and completely per publication and are to be submitted personally to the library supervisor along with a blank CD (not USB flash drive!!) in the anteroom of the library during office hours.
  • The user is required to label the blank CD with his/her name.
  • A maximum of 20 images can be ordered.
  • To order images make sure that the original is of high quality and as large as 5x5 cm. Student assistants will check the quality, exceptions are only possible after personal consultation with the students assistants.
  • The images are to be requested at least 7 workdays before the due appointment. Exceptions are only possible after personal consultation with the student assistants.
  • The requested images will be copied to the attached CD and can be collected in the anteroom of the library.
  • Soon after the images will also be added into the image database ArkuBiD where they can be viewed and downloaded (see below).

For questions please refer to the student assistants by using the following email address:


The ArkuBiD Database

Every user is personally liable for possible legal consequences that might occur due to copyright infringements.
ArkuBiD is an archaeological and art history image database and is currently under construction. It serves as a database of digital images within the studies of classical archaeology and art history which are needed to perform presentations. Via a search mask and by using keywords specific images can be searched and downloaded free of charge. The computers of the archaeological library offer unlimited access to the ArkuBiD database. After a free initial registration and the acceptance of the terms of use the database can be accessed via password from any computer. For registration please follow the instructions on the ArkuBiD-webpage.

If an image data record does not exist a scan order (see above) from books of the library can be placed.
The users of the ArkuBiD are obligated to:

  • only use the images for scientific purposes (research and teaching) and not for publications.
  • not forward any image data to third parties, publish them in any way or distribute them.
  • delete any given image data after its purpose is finished and not to compile an individual collection on one's computer.

Every user will be held accountable for legal consequences due to copyright infringements.