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This programme of the European Union was named after Erasmus of Rotterdam and promotes the cooperation between European universities and the mobility of students and lecturers. Due to this programme and in recognition of course achievements financially supported study trips into other European countries are possible.

The International Office at the RUB is the contact point for initial information regarding organisational issues.

Additionally the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) offers help and advice as well as useful experiences for a planned stay abroad. The ESN also offers help for students from foreign universities in Bochum.

The Institute of Archaeological Studies maintains partnerships with


  • Dänemark: Aarhus
  • Griechenland: Athen
  • Frankreich: Dijon
  • Italien: Capua, Neapel (3 Universitäten), Padua, Sassari, Turin
  • Polen: Poznan
  • Norwegen: Oslo
  • Ungarn: Budapest und Pecs
  • Türkei: Ankara, Bursa, Eskisehir, Isparta, Kocaeli und Mugla
  • Zypern: Nikosia


For further information and advice please contact Dr. P. Kreuz (Classical Archaeology) or Prof. Dr. W. Ebel-Zepezauer (Prehistoric Archaeology).



PONS enables students to spend a guest semester at participating institutes of classical archaeology in Germany. In addition to the Institute of Archaeological Studies in Bochum the following institutes of classical archaeology partake: Universities of Bonn, Freiburg, Göttingen, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Regensburg, Rostock and Tübingen.

The PONS project is promoted by the Volkswagen Foundation and the Mercator Foundation. Goal is to create a network with a chance of transitional change of study location within Germany as well as the acknowledgement of the resulting credits. PONS is considered a pilot project which is to be expanded on to other institutes and subjects.

Following measures are provided for this project:

  • An advisory concept for change of study location and further consulting for candidates.
  • An internet platform which contains information pertaining to specialized advisors including contact details of the participating institues. Furthermore information about home exchange, hostels and other assistance.
  • A core-curriculum for the subject of classical archaeology spanning study regulations as well as specific specialisation of other institutes.
  • Designation of modules for incoming students in annotations to lectures
  • A concept for the complete recognition of the course achievements from external institutes.
  • A one-time relocation benefit of 500 €
  • Review of possibilities at the designated university to shape their status analogous to foreign Erasmus students
  • Continuous internal and conclusive external evaluation for stabilization and integration into the current service.

Further information regarding PONS and change of study location can be found here.

For information and advice please contact Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bärbel Morstadt or Katharina Schlüß (student assistant)