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Student Advising

The following academic staff members provide advising to students regarding the order of study, the subjects of study and all other questions regarding time spent at the university.

Student Advising by Undergraduate Students

In addition to the student advising offered by lecturers, the Institute of Archaeological Studies offers advising by students.

Office Hours

Kevin Spathmann
Mo 12-2 pm (Institut of Archaeological Studies)
Tu 10-12 am (Campus GA 4/135)

Samantha Knoll
We 10-12 am (Institut of Archaeological Studies)
We 13-15 pm (Campus GA 4/135)

Phone Campus: (0234) 32-29680
Phone Institute: (0234) 32-26484

Email Samantha Knoll
Email Kevin Spathmann

Student Counselling by Undergraduates

In addition to the student advising by lecturers, the student advising by undergraduate students serves to help answer questions regarding the course of studies, e.g. technicalities, course allocations, foreign languages and applications. Student advisors are there to help you in word and deed. They are reachable throughout the entire semester in person or by email.

The student advisors offer all interested persons and students of archaeological studies guidance to help at every stage in the complete a course of study.

Tips and advice for the beginning your course of study as well as basic guidelines can be found in the PDF files on the website titled “order of study”. These guidelines should be kept in mind.
We are looking forward to meeting you during our office hours.
Kind regards

Samantha Knoll & Kevin Spathmann

Further information and downloadable files concerning the course of study at the Institute of Archaeological Studies can be found here: Course of study