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Semester Abroad in Italiy or Croatia (ERAMUS+)

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MA Study Programme Ethics - Economics, Law and Politics

The Master programme in „Ethics - Economics, Law and Politics" (EELP) is an interdisciplinary and research-focused degree programme. In the style of very successful similar study courses in the English-speaking world four faculties carry out the programme: philosophy, law, economics and social science. The theoretical and empirical insight of the three socio-scientific disciplines is combined with the explicitly normative orientation of philosophy.

The content of the programme consists of six main topics, each with a normative and a descriptive, respectively analytic emphasis: 

  • globalisation and justice
  • markets and morality
  • climate change and responsibility
  • welfare and dignity
  • migration and rights
  • digitalisation and self-determination

A competent approach to these topics demands knowledge about the frameworks of law and the political circumstances as well as economical expertise and competence for normative reflection. All those skills are conveyed in the course of study. Thus, our students are enabled to comprehend the full extent of current challenges like climate change, financial crisis, global poverty, global justice, discussion on the welfare state etc.

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The programme is addressed to excellent Bachelor Degree holders and young professionals, who aim to fulfil major tasks in politics or economy or who aspire to an outstanding and future-oriented research-activity.

Students are trained to become excellent problem solvers, highly qualified in the field of research – a profile of qualification that is more and more requested in business companies, in politics and organisations. In the first year of their studies, the students acquire basic information; in the second year they develop their own project. Applied projects can be combined with an internship abroad, research oriented projects can be carried out at our international partner institutes.


Double Degree Programme PELP/ EELP

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Since winter semester 2018/19 we offer the students of the MA EELP to study a semester abroad at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz/ Austria within the Double Degree Programme PELP/ EELP. The goal is to obtain a MA degree from both universities. Our partner programme MA Political, Economic and Legal Philosophy is deeply connected with the curriculum of the MA EELP, means that the reseach oriented in-depth module could be studied in the 3rd semester at the University in Graz. The MA thesis as the final exam will be supervised from professors of both study programmes. Each year we offer to our EELP stduents a maximum of 5 study places at the university in Graz.


Semester Abroad (ERASMUS +)

Within the 2nd or 3rd semester students have the opportunity to study abroad. We have ERASMUS+ cooperations at the University of Bari Aldo Moro/ Italien (MA study programme Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and at the University of Zagreb/ Croatia (political science). Detailed information on studying abroad and on the application process our students get at the beginning of studies.


Non-profit Association Supports the MA EELP

"Friends and Supporters of Economic and Climate Ethics” is a registered and non-profit association. Its central aim is to promote economic and climate ethics by fostering the research and teaching in these fields. Further information you find here.