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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the requirements for being admitted to the program?

For being admitted to the program, at least 65 credit points (ECTS) must have been earned in one of the main subjects of the program (Philosophy or Economics or Law or Politics). One credit point amounts to 30 working hours. In addition to the degree certificate, you also need to hand in an English language certificate and an admission essay (4-5 pages) on one of the focus topics of the program.


Where can I find further information on the content of the program, its structure and modules?

You can find further information on the program in the student guide on the following website:


Where can I find further information on the courses which have been offered in the last semesters?

You can find the course schedules of the last semesters on the following website:


What is the standard period of study?

The standard period of study is four semesters (two years).


How can I prove my English language skills?

Adequate knowledge of the English language is a prerequisite that has to be documented by means of relevant certificates. This can only be done in one of the following manners:

  • TOEFL language test, with 550 points in the paper-based test or 230 points in the computer-based test and 88 points in the internet-based test
  •  CPE (grades A-C)
  •  CAE (grades A-C)
  •  IELTS (bands 9-6)

No other certificates will be accepted.


Is it necessary to have a certain knowledge of the German language?

Knowledge of the German language is not a requirement for studying EELP. It is possible to complete the program by attending only the classes taught in English. However, if you have a basic knowledge of German you might also be able to follow the lectures in German and profit from a greater variety of courses. If you do not speak German, you cannot participate in the introductory courses of the Law Module which are taught in German.

At Ruhr-University Bochum you can also take German classes and start/continue to learn German. The German courses are for free, if you are enrolled as a student.


How should the admission essay be designed and structured?

The admission essay should have a length of 4-5 pages. The essay is supposed to show that you can independently discuss one of the focus topics of the program (globalization and justice, market and morality, climate change and responsibility, welfare and human dignity, migration and rights, digitalisation and self-determination). The essay serves to determine whether you have a special aptitude for the EELP program. Special attention is paid to whether you are able to develop your own problem in one of the focus topics of the program, whether you can take into account and connect normative and analytic-descriptive aspects, whether you are able to structure your own essay in an easily accessible format and to articulate the essay in a both generally comprehensible and academically adequate language, and whether generally accepted academic standards are observed. There are no fixed guidelines concerning the structure and format of the admission essay.


Are any recommendation letters required?



How can I apply for the program?

In order to apply for the program, please register online. The online application portal will open at the beginning of June. You will have to register online first and after that you will have to upload the required documents (degree certificate, transcript of records, English certificate, admission essay). The deadline for the next winter term is July 15th.


Can I apply for the summer semester?

No, the program only starts in the winter semester (beginning October 1st).


When will the admissions be announced?

International applicants (non-EU) will be notified at the beginning of August. National and EU-applicants will be notified at the end of September.


How many students are admitted to the program each year?

About 20 students are admitted each year.


When will the mandatory consultation meeting take place?

The mandatory consultation meeting will take place upon admission to the program and your arrival in Bochum. Dates are scheduled individually.


What is the purpose of the mandatory consultation meeting?

During the meeting, we will help you arrange your personal schedule and address individual questions.


How much are the tuition fees?

Every semester (twice a year) you'll be charged a fee (social insurance contribution) of approximately 340 Euros. When you are enrolled as a student, your student ticket also comprises free public transportation in Northrhein-Westphalia as well as cheaper meals in the cafeteria and other benefits.


How can I find a room in Bochum?

You can either look for a private room in the city of Bochum (10-15 minutes via tram) or close to the university. You may also contact the International Office as they can help you with finding a room belonging to the university:


Are there any study grants available?

At the moment, no grants are available specifically for this program. You might find helpful information on grants for studying in Germany here: