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EELP Berlin Trip 2022

Sunshine, 20 degrees, and a group of EELP students and EELP alumni. There is nothing more you need for a great weekend. From Oct 28 to Nov 01 2022, the student council of the EELP programme organised a short trip to Berlin. The successful programme (city tour, visit to the Museum Island, boat trip on the Spree, meeting in the Bundestag, visit to the Jewish Museum and extensive partying in the evenings) made this weekend a real experience for everyone.

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The summer semester's highlight outside lecture hall was the football match MA EELP vs. MA ECUE of the 2nd Reinecke Football Cup in May 2022. This year, in a very exciting match the EELP team won with 5:3. Marcus Reinecke played for each teams a half-time and scored for both teams one goal. Organized by the student council of both study programmes all players and a lot of EELP and ECUE students finished this event with a big party.

Spielszene  Pokaluebergabe Rede  Pokaluebergabe 


This summer the offical final of the 1st Reinecke Football Cup was played by the teams of the MA EELP and MA ECUE. In a very powerful and high quality game the EELP team has unfortuantely lost the game extremly tight with 2:3. Until the last minutes they were fighting and within the extra-time there were good chances on both sides. Organized by the student council EELP a legendary fun sport event is born. The namesake of the cup, Marcus Reinecke, was given his best to play for each teams a half-time. To be continued ...

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The registered and non-profit association "Friends and Supporters of Economic and Climate Ethics" supports inter alia the MA study programme EELP and its alumni work. On the website of the association they started to publish outstanding seminar papers of our stundents. The first two papers you will find here.


We warmly welcome our new students! In October 2020, 29 students from 11 different countries (Albania, Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Nigeria, Rep. of Korea, Romania, Turkey) started their studies. Even though the conditions in times of the COVID-19 pandemic are quite unusual the EELP team will do its best to gets off a good start and provides you professional support.


The MA EELP office is open from Monday - Friday. For personal consulation, please make an appointment with Marcus Reinecke, programme coordinator EELP, via Email. Communication and consultation is possible face-to-fcae, via Email, telephone (++49/(0)234 32 28750) and ZOOM. We will inform our students about changes of the situation at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and lectures, exams, ...of the winter semester 2020/21 immediately via Email. All relevant information of the RUB you will find here.


Meanwhile, four more EELP students (Lisa Schwirtz, Franz Sula, Victor Vigil Verástegui Rocha) successfully completed the MA Double Degree Programme PELP/ EELP in 2020. After the study and research semester at the University of Graz our students focused on following issues in their MA thesis:

• Concept of an Universal Assesment Scheme in the Case of Entitlement Compensation of Climate-Induced Damage

• Too Big to Fail and Systemic Risk - Economic and Risk Ethics Arguments for a Change within Institutional Regulation of Major Banks

• The Moral Permissibility of Assisted Suicide - The Right to Die and the Obligations of Others

The MA study programme EELP congratulates all on their Master's degrees!


Gerry Satria Simanjuntak from Indonesia successfully completed as the first graduate the MA Double Degree Programme PELP/ EELP in February 2020. Within his semester abroad at the University Graz in Austria Gerry studied with focus on philosophy and political science and developed his research project. "In the first and second semester, we - the students - are still adapting to how the programme works and trying to connect all the materials that we learned. But in the third semester you really got to know what your studies want you to learn and what to do in future. And I figured all of it out in Graz - luckily." Back from Graz he wrote his Master's thesis on "Rectifying Global Coffee Supply Chain - Who Bears the Greatest Responsibility". The MA study programme EELP congratulates Gerry Satria Simanjuntak on his Master's degree!

First Double Degree 3  First Double Degree 2  First Doubel Degree 1

Gerry Satria Simanjuntak; Prof. Dr. Klaus Steigleder (director of MA EELP); Marcus Reinecke (coordinator of MA EELP) hand over the Master's degree certificates.


winter semester 2019/20: Wednesday, 6:15 - 7:45pm, GA 03/ 49 (dowload: programme)

MA EELP at MasterPlan 2019

Om May, 24th 2019 interessted BA students received a lot of information at the EELP exhibition stand at the Master's fair MasterPlan 2019 at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Ma Eelp Masterplan 2  Ma Eelp Masterplan 1  2019 05 24 Km Mastermesse-46

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Since winter semester 2018/19 we offer the students of the MA EELP to study a semester abroad at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz/ Austria within the Double Degree Programme PELP/ EELP. The goal is to obtain a MA degree from both universities. Our partner programme MA Political, Economic and Legal Philosophy is deeply connected with the curriculum of the MA EELP, means that the reseach oriented in-depth module could be studied in the 3rd semester at the University in Graz. The MA thesis as the final exam will be supervised from professors of both study programmes. Each year we offer to our EELP stduents a maximum of 5 study places at the university in Graz.


Speech: Henry Shue "Distant Stranger and the Illusion of Separation: Climate, Development, and Disaster"

On Wednesday, 17th of June 2015, Prof. Dr. Henry Shue from the Merton College, Oxford University gave his public lecture on the topic "Distant Stranger and the Illusion of Separation: Climate, Development, and Disaster".

Henry Shue, is an USamerican philosopher and professor for political science and international relations at the Oxford University. His contributions to human rights theory as well as to normative problems of climate change since the 1990ies make him to one of the most important living moral philosopher. His influence reachs out far beyond the debates in philosophy and political science.


Speech: Sven Ove Hansson "Can we manage risks ethically?"

On Wednesday, 25th of June 2014, Prof. Dr. Sven Ove Hansson from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm gave his public lecture concerned with the question "Can we manage risks ethically?"

Speech: Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge

On July 1st, 2013 Prof. Thomas Pogge gave a public talk on the "Health Impact Fund".
Thomas Pogge is Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs and Director of the Global Justice Program at Yale University. His research focuses on issues of justice, poverty and health.
The "Health Impact Fund" is a proposed way of paying for pharmaceutical innovation. It would incentivize the development and delivery of new medicines by paying for performance. This could change health outcomes and the distribution of pharmaceuticals in both the developed and developing world.

Workshop with Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge on "Health Impact Fund"

On July 2nd, 2013 the Chair for Practical Philosophy and the Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities (KWI) in Essen hosted a workshop with Prof. Thomas Pogge (Yale University) concerning the „Health Impact Fund“. The workshop took place at the KWI in Essen (9.30am-4.30pm).