RUB » Master course EELP

The Master programme in „Ethics - Economics, Law and Politics" (EELP) is an interdisciplinary and research-focused degree programme backed by the expertise of four esteemed faculties and is designed for the next generation of thought leaders. With the theoretical and empirical insight of the three disciplines economics, law, and political science combined with the explicitly normative orientation of practical philosophy and applied ethics students are not just educated—they're empowered to reshape the future, addressing global challenges with unmatched proficiency.

Our students engage with the latest research topics such as poverty, migration, climate crisis, energy transition and energy poverty, global pandemics, or digital ethics. These topics are integrated in the broader context of six thematic areas:

  • globalisation and justice
  • markets and morality
  • climate change and responsibility
  • welfare and dignity
  • migration and rights
  • digitalisation and self-determination

The programme offers a holistic approach, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to tackle complex ethical dilemmas from multiple perspectives.
What is more, the EELP programme lives and shapes internationality at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. So far, students from over 40 different countries worldwide have studied in this programme. This international experience not only broadens the academic perspective of our students but also enriches their cultural understanding.

The interdisciplinary, problem-oriented, research-focused education opens a great deal of employment opportunities in economy, international and national institutions/ organisations and in research for the degree holders.