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Address of the Institute

Institute of Archaeological Studies
Am Bergbaumuseum 31
D- 44791 Bochum

Institute Directorate

Executive Head of Department:
Prof. Dr Thomas Stöllner
Deputy Head of Department:
Prof. Dr Christof Berns

Administrative Office

Student Counselling by Undergraduates

Eicke Granser

Wed. 2-4 pm (GA 2/62)
Tues. 12-2 pm(GA 2/62)
Phone: (0234) 32-29680

Mon. 12-2 pm at the institute
Wed. 11 am-1 pm at the institute
Phone: (0234) 32-26484


Opening Hours Library:

while university is in session: 9 am-7 pm
Thursdays the library closes at 6 pm.

Lecture-free period: 10 am - 6 pm