Programmable Traveling-Wave Electrophoresis (TWE)

Cyclic DNA Traveling Wave

Linear DNA Traveling Wave

We now have our medium density electrode designs available (see here) and have started experiments to use the continuous chains of electrodes in a network pattern that they support. First experiments in a thin fluid layer were conducted to check the traveling wave functionality with non-blocking electrodes. conventional traveling wave electrophoresis is performed at higher frequencies with blocking electrodes.

Traveling-Wave Electrophoresis (TWE) for on-chip microfluidic separations requires a certain control of the electrodes. Applying oscillating potentials to the stationary electrode arrays in a microchannel can create a traveling wave. Separations by TWE should apply to charged biomolecules and depends on the mobility of the molecules, the electrode spacing and dimensions and the potential frequency and amplitude. Our goal is a modulation between separative and non-separative transport. The movies show the electrode control for cycling and linear transport applications.