New single and double layer multilayer electrode arrays

PI Maeke, Tangen, Wagler, McCaskill BioMIP, RUB

In the last year there were numerous iterations to get reliable multilayer structuring of gold electrodes on our chemical microprocessor chips. In the course of this process, we redesigned the single layer system for higher density electrodes and reimplemented the two layer system with the new layout. The core designs were proposed by McCaskill and Maeke, implemented and refined by Maeke and Tangen. They contain a railway-like branching network of electrode "tracks" with equally spaced electrodes, along cyclic molecular processing and transfer of molecular packets between different processing cycles.  Wagler and Tangen negotiated the details of the fab process in connection with iX Factory after the fabrication at CAESAR proved unsuccessful. 


Figure 2 Changing to a multilayer electronic chip design, the integration density could be increased to more than 5.000 electrodes for the same chip space, which allows a high application potential for creating intelligent microfluidics in the ECCell project, e.g for travelling wave electrophoresis (TWE) on-chip.