Programmable gelation and molecule transport in microscale cycles


PI Wagler, Maeke, Tangen, McCaskill BioMIP, RUB

Figure 5

Gelation and DNA-transport in a microfluidic quadratically cycle - channel network filled with:  Agarose hydrogel (Super Low Melt) Tm = 62°C and 1µM 5‘-OregonGreen488-6-CGC ACT TCG ATG ATG CGC ACT TCG ATG ATG-3‘ (30-mer) and 5‘-Alexa647-CGA TGA AC-3‘ (8-mer) in histidine-buffer. Electrodes are marked as rectangles (red: positive charge; blue: negative charge). A: Complete mixed distribution of DNA oligonucleotides. B: Local concentration of the DNA at positive electrodes (red rectangles). C: Start of the transport process. D-F: Cycling two plugs of DNA oligomers. The right image shows the microfluidic mask design.