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Research Colloquium

Organization: Prof. Albert Newen & Prof. Markus Werning
Time: Thursdays, 16-18h / 14-16h, GA 04/187

Time Speaker Title

11 October 2012

Dr. Petra Vetter
(RUB / U Glasgow)

Top-down influences on early visual cortex activity

18 October 2012

Anne-Sophie Brüggen, MA (RUB)

The content of imaginings

25 October 2012

Dr Kevin Reuter (RUB)

The Apparent Paradox of Pain (Poster)

8 November 2012

Dr. Luca Barlassina (RUB)

The role of bodily perception in emotion: In defense of an impure somatic theory

15 November 2012

Steffen Steinert, MA (LMU München)

The Philosophy and Neuroscience of Humor (Poster)

22 November 2012

Tomoo Ueda, MA (RUB)

An Adverbial Account of Belief Reports

29 November 2012

Dr. Matthias Unterhuber (U Düsseldorf)

The New Tweety Puzzle: Arguments against Monistic Bayesian Approaches in Epistemology and Cognitive Science. (Poster)

6 December 2012

Dr. Nivedita Gangopadhyay (RUB)

Perception-action coupling in social perception
13 December 2012
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Michael Baumgartner (U Osnabrück)
Objectivizing Causal Regularities (Poster)
20 December 2012
Maria Spychalska, MA, MSc (RUB)
An EEG Study on Scalar Implicatures (Poster)

10 January 2013

Prof. Dr. Max Kölbel (U Barcelona)

Relativism Concerning Semantic Content: a Survey of Issues and Solutions (Poster)

17 January 2013

Prof. Dr. Achim Stephan (U Osnabrück)

On the adequacy of emotions and existential feelings
24 January 2013 Prof. Dr. Max Kölbel (U Barcelona)

How to communicate with Centered Contents (Poster)

31 January 2013

Prof. Dr. John Perry (Stanford U)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Cohnitz (U Tartu

Critical Semantics and Critical Pragmatics

How to Distinguish Semantics and Pragmatics