Workshop "Summer School"
Concepts and methods in ecology and evolution
16 - 23 September 2013, Swabian Alp

The idea for this summer school was that it will be designed for Ph.D. students and/or possibly PostDocs within the SPP who are primarily doing physiological and/or molecular work but are interested in the ecological and evolutionary implications of their results. The aim is to familiarize them with methods and, more important, the way of thinking in evolutionary ecology.

Registration nowHere you find some documents connected with the meeting:

  • Registration (pdf) - Deadline: 31 March 2013
  • Proposal for Summer School (pdf)

The Meeting Location will be:

Heinrich Fabri Institut Blaubeuren

Auf dem Rucken 35
89143 Blaubeuren
Telefon: 0 73 44 / 45 29
Telefax: 0 73 44 / 2 18 10
E-mail: info[at]

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