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3Sat nano about »Phytomining«

Icon nano 3SatA team from »nano« made two short films at the Department of »Molecular Genetics and Physiology of Plants« that can be viewed in the media center of the 3Sat station.
Video 1: »Pflanze zieht Metalle aus verseuchtem Boden«
Video 2: »Kaum Interesse an Wunderkresse«


Welcome to the homepage of the Department of »Molecular Genetics and Physiology of Plants« at the Ruhr University Bochum. You’ll find here a short tour through our Department , an overview of current research and an opportunity to meet our staff. For further information, click on the links embedded in the following introductory texts or use the navigation bar on the left margin of this page.

Evolutionary Functional Genomics & Metal Homeostasis Networks (Krämer)

In our research on Evolutionary Functional Genomics and Metal Homeostasis Networks, we pursue an interdisciplinary approach to develop a comprehensive understanding of the function and evolution of an important biological network. The advantage of plants as model organisms is their experimental flexibility and the ease of sampling of natural populations at locations where selection pressures that have shaped their evolution are still present. Genome sequence data, genomics tools, transformation techniques and knockout mutant collections have increasingly become available in the past decade and are being expanded rapidly.



Our research is intended to improve our knowledge about plant metabolism and development. Thus, research programs are interdependent, and there are many methodological overlaps. At the institute, we use a broad and modern common infrastructure.


  • Vorlesung Bio IV (mehr…)
  • Pflanzenphysiologische Übungen (mehr…)
  • Kombi-A-Modul "Molekulare Biologie und Biotechnologie von Pflanzen und Mikroorganismen" (mehr…)
  • A-Modul "Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie" (mehr…)
  • S-Modul 1, 4-wöchig (mehr…)
  • S-Modul 2, 6-wöchig (mehr…)

Research groups

Prof. Ute Krämer, Dr. Heike Holländer-Czytko, Dr. Ines Kubigsteltig, Dr. Markus Piotrowski, Prof. Danja Schünemann


Head of Department

  • Prof Krämer
    Prof. Dr. Ute Krämer 
    Lehrstuhl für Molekulargenetik und Physiologie der Pflanzen
    Ruhr-Universität Bochum
    Raum: ND 3/30
    Universitätsstraße 150
    44801 Bochum
    Tel.: +49 (0)234-32-28004
    Fax: +49 (0)234-32-14187
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    Research Projects
    Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

News teaching

  • A- und S-Module WS 2016/17
  • Probevorlesung »Evolutionäre Anpassung an Schwermetall-verseuchte Böden«
    Icon SchülervorlesungDie Schülervorlesung von Frau Prof. Ute Krämer im Rahmen des »Tages der offenen Tür« (26.3.) kann hier heruntergeladen werden.
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  • Pflaphy-Telefonverzeichnis
    Ist jetzt im internen Bereich zu finden
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  • Superplants - die blühende Revolution (only available in german)
    New Phytologist LogoEine Arte-Dokumentation über Phytomining und auch über die Arbeit an unserem Lehrstuhl.
    Samstag, 21. Januar 2017, um 22.00 Uhr bei Arte  
    Presse-Ankündigung (PDF)
  • New Phytologist
    New Phytologist LogoPublication online on diversity in Arabidopsis halleri
    press release RUB
    press release idw
  • Highly Cited Researcher 2016
    BakteriumProf. Ute Krämer has been selected as a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher again!
    Highly Cited Researchers
    RUB Aktuellportal (2014)
  • Ute Krämer and Alan Baker
    Ute Krämer and Alan BakerUte has spoken at »ASPB Meeting« in Austin/Texas and at »Biometals« Meeting in Dresden, an opportunity to meet up with Alan Baker.
  • Vacancy
    Icon job adTwo Vacancies for a post-doctoral researcher (2 and 3 years) or a PhD student (3 years) available now.
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  • Podcast: lecture by Ute Krämer
    Icon RUB50-VorträgeDownload the lecture by Prof. Ute Krämer »Schwermetalle: Pflanzen als Vermittler zwischen Umwelt und menschlichem Wohlergehen« as part of the series
    »50 Jahre – 50 Vorträge«.
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  • Gold für Jan Riering
    Goldjunge Jan RieringWir gratulieren sehr herzlich unserem Lehrstuhlmitarbeiter Jan Riering und den Teamkameraden Timo Riering und Benedikt Gertz zu dem phänomenalen Sieg bei dem bundesweiten Berufswettbewerb für junge Gärtnerinnen und Gärtner
  • 3Sat nano about Phytomining
    Icon nano 3SatA team from 3Sat »nano« made two short films at the the Department of »Molecular Genetics and Physiology of Plants« that can be viewed in the mediathek of the 3Sat station.
    Website of 3Sat nano
    Video 1 (3Sat-Mediathek)
    Video 2 (3Sat-Mediathek)
  • DRadio Wissen Grünstreifen
    Icon DRadio WissenUte Krämer interviewed by Manuel Unger on the subject of phytomining within the magazine "Grünstreifen".
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  • Motherboard online magazine
    Phytomining ZinkThe online magazine 'Motherboard' published an article about Ute Krämer and the topic 'phytomining'.
    Read the article
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin
    Phytomining ZinkThe Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine published an article about the biologists Ute Krämer, Alan Baker and Rufus Chaney on the topic 'phytomining - how plants get metals from the ground'. (Issue 40 2014).
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  • Highly Cited Researcher
    BakteriumProf. Ute Krämer has been selected as a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher!
    Highly Cited Researchers
  • Beauty of Science
    BakteriumESRF highlights Camille's recent images of elemental distribution in the Arabidopsis leaf
    Visit ESRF Website
  • “Don't take my heavy metal, man!”
    BakteriumAC/DC? Metallica?? Motorhead???
    “No, iron and manganese!”: The effects of ionophores in bacteria revealed!
    Zum Proteomics-Journal Artikel