Analysis of DNA pools using second generation sequencing

Project code: SCHL 429/3-2

Fig. 1

Image source: Fotolia

We will study the genetic differentiation of B. didyma using Pool-Seq. Using the PoPoolation2 software we will determine basic population differentiation parameters, such as FST and Fisher's exact test. Furthermore, we will compare levels of polymorphism (pi, theta, number of alleles) for each of the populations studied. Using an FST based outlier approach we will identify genomic regions that carry putative functionally diverged loci. Finally, we will test if functionally diverged loci show a clinal pattern reflecting the differences in water availability.

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  • Christian Schlötterer
    Prof. Dr. Christian Schlötterer
    Principal Investigator
    University of Vienna
    Office: +43 (0)1 / 25077- 4300
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  • Daniel Gomez-Sanchez
    Daniel Gomez-Sanchez, PhD student Researcher in SPP1529
    Office: +43 (0)1/ 25077-4335
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