Arabidopsis phylogenomics

Consortium project / DFG SPP 1529

Fig. 1

Taming the wild: resolving the gene pools of non-model Arabidopsis lineages (BMC Evolutionary Biology 14:e224.)

The genus Arabidopsis is an excellent model for studying a variety of evolutionary phenomena, like changing in mating system or ploidy level. However, to fully realize its potential, a comprehensive description of the relationship between all taxa in the genus is needed.
Because various research groups of the SPP 1529 are working with Arabidopsis “wild relatives” and generating large amounts of next-generation-sequencing data it was natural to start a survey of diversity within and between all the close relatives of A. thaliana in order to determine how “real” the various species are, and how they are related. Accumulated data will cover whole plastid genomes, mitochondrial CDS and around ~1000 single-copy genes from available or newly generated NGS sequence data.


Publications related to the project

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Coordination of the project

  • Prof. Dr. Magnus Nordborg
    Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna
    Office: +43 (0)79044 / 9100 (8.12)
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  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Koch
    University of Heidelberg
    Office: +49 (0)6221 / 54-4655
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