SPP 1529 Workshop "Population genomic data analysis" 2016

17 October (12 pm) to 19 October (3 pm) 2016, Stuttgart
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Course Instructors

  • Karl Schmid, University of Hohenheim, Germany
  • Torsten Günther, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Mathieu Gautier, INRA Supagro Montpellier, France
  • Sebastian Ramos-Onsins, Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics, Bellaterra, Spain

Aims and Scopes

We offer a 3-day workshop on the population genomic analysis of DNA sequencing data. The workshop is intended for advanced master students, Ph.D. students or postdocs with little background in population genetics. It consists of a mix of lectures and hands-on data analysis using publicly available programs and R packages. For more detailed information on the workshop, contact Karl Schmid at karl.schmid@uni-hohenheim.de.


  • Measures of genetic diversity and differentiation
  • Tests of selection based on intra- and interspecific genetic variation
  • Introduction into comparing different models of demography and selection

Time scale

  • starting at 12 pm, 17th October
  • ending: around 3 pm, 19th October

Further information

  • For members of the SPP1529 ADAPTOMICS the workshop costs, which cover accommodation and food, will be paid by the SPP1529 coordination directly. Just a registration fee (5 €) and travelling related costs have to be paid by the participants.
  • For members of other SPPs and other participants the cost will be 200 € plus overnight accommodation (single 70€/night, double 56€/night).
  • Participants are expected to bring their own, reasonably modern laptop. We will use Linux as operating system, which will be provided as a virtual machine with all the necessary programs installed.


Please use the corresponding buttons to go to the digital registration office at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). As soon as your application for participation is accepted you will be informed by email. After confirmation of your participation you receive an invoice.
Application deadline is 2 September 2016
Due to summer holidays, the digital registration office will not be curated between 25.07. - 12.08.2016. Applications that arrive in this period will be processed subsequently.


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The Meeting Location will be:

Tagungszentrum HohenheimAkademie der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart
Tagungszentrum Hohenheim
Paracelsusstrasse 91
70599 Stuttgart
Fon +49 711 451034-600

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