Workshop "Brassicaceae - introduction to family-wide biodiversity part II"

24 October (10 am) to 25 October (3 pm) 2013, Heidelberg
open to up to 10 participants

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Invited Guests (confirmed)

  • Prof. Dr. Ihsan Al-Shehbaz, Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Herbert Hurka, Universität Osnabrück, Deutschland

Aims and Scopes

We offer a 1.5 day workshop to become familiar with the enormous diversity of Brassicaceae. The workshop aims to introduce to principal problems of taxonomy and systematics of selected groups of taxa and provide an opportunity to become more familiar with the respective genera.
The workshop should be interactive, and the final discussions and contributions depend on the needs claimed by the participants – with special emphasis on taxa of SPP relevance.
We also introduce you to the latest update of the knowledge database system BrassiBase.

Fotogalerie Brassicaceen


Introduction to theory:

  1. Keynote lectures on the following genera and groups of taxa
    - Noccaea and tribe Coluteocarpeae
    - Arabidopsis
    - Arabis and tribe Arabideae
    - Cardamine
      Biscutella or other genera if asked for
  2. In depth discussions on the various groups of taxa
  3. Get together and barbeque on thursday night (24th october)

Time scale

  • starting at 10 am, 24th October
  • ending: around 3 pm, 25th October

For SPP members travel costs and accommodation (if “at moderate level”) will be reimbursed.


Email: claudia.hauber[at]
Until September 15th 2013
A detailed scedule of the workshop will be provided at the end of september.

Lunch / breaks

For little money we will organize small snacks, drinks and coffee.


Please take care by yourself as early as possible e.g. Hotel Cafe Frisch (500 m).


The Meeting Location will be:

Botnischer GartenBotanischer Garten Universität HeidelbergUniversität Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 340
Botanical Garden
69120 Heidelberg, Germany
Fon 06221 / 54-4675
E-mail: claudia.hauber[at]

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