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Ongoing Diploma and Master Theses

Franziska SchmollFranziska Schmoll

Aneet Kaur VirkAneet Kaur Virk

Finished Diploma and Master Theses

My Tien LuuMy Tien Luu

Establishing a new method to detect anti-glutamate receptor antibodies in blood sera of patients with neurological diseases

to 29.08.2019

Frederik BodemerFrederik Bodemer

Electrophysiological investigation of ligand binding domain mutants of the plant glutamate receptor homologue AtGLR1.4

to 21.08.2019

Justus WilkeJustus Wilke

Western blot investigation of NMDA receptor expression in peripheral mononuclear blood cells

11.2017 to 28.09.2018

Ali KuzuluAli Kuzulu

08.2017 to 05.2018

Miriam SatalikMiriam Satalik

Functional characterization of splice variants of the glutamate receptor subunit GluN3B

10.2016 to 06.11.2017

Hua TanHua Tan

Investigation of AMPAR–stargazin interactions using split GFP fluorophore reassembly

24.02.2014 to 24.08.2014

Tobias StrasdeitTobias Strasdeit

Electrophysiological investigations of new glutamate receptor-modulating proteins

23.07.2013 to 29.07.2014

Yvonne MünsterYvonne Münster

Downregulation of ADAR2 in embryonic stem cells and neuroepithelial precursor cells

19.09.2013 to 18.03.2014

Matthias RohrbeckMatthias Rohrbeck

Modulation of cardiac ion channels by HIV proteins, especially by the accessory protein HIV Nef

19.03.2012 to 20.08.2012

Melina MöllerMelina Möller

Characterisation of the R-L3 binding site in the voltage sensor of the KCNQ1 channel

07.12.2011 to 26.05.2012

Peer Henning HöckerPeer Henning Höcker

Studies of the mechanism of modulation of AMPA receptors by type I TARPs

01.10.2010 to 24.10.2011

Ina RothenbergIna Rothenberg

Structural basis of phosphoinositide interactions with KCNQ1/KCNE1 channels

24.05.2011 to 12.10.2011

Andrea MöldersAndrea Mölders

Investigations on the role of functional domains of plant glutamate receptor homologues

04.08.2011 to 30.09.2011

Alina DresslerAlina Dressler

Influence of steroid hormones on the activity of Kv7.1/KCNE1

25.07.2011 to 30.09.2011

Kevin GottschlingKevin Gottschling

Investigation of GluN3-containing glutamate receptors using concatemeric receptor constructs

22.06.2011 to 29.09.2011

Veronika KrausVeronika Kraus

Pharmacological activation of the Kv7 channel family

04.11.2010 to 23.03.2011

Gordon HickingGordon Hicking

Investigations on the glutamate receptor delta1, especially with regard to its possible function in hearing

to 13.09.2010

Karina EckeyKarina Eckey

Molecular and structural mechanisms of Kv7-associated arrhythmias

10.2009 to 07.2010

Steffen PahlSteffen Pahl

Expression of glutamate receptor accessory proteins during neural differentiation of embryonic stem cells

10.08.2009 to 21.06.2010

Franziska ReichmuthFranziska Reichmuth

Investigation of NMDA receptor stoichiometry using concatemeric diheteromers

o4.2009 to 31.03.2010

Jan TerhagJan Terhag

The role of transmembrane domain C of ionotropic glutamate receptors

01.05.2008 to 31.10.2008

Svenja PacherneggSvenja Pachernegg

The role of the NMDA receptor subunit NR3A during the development of in vitro-generated neural stem cells

30.12.2007 to 24.09.2008

Katja SteinkeKatja Steinke

Analysis of autoimmunity against glutamate receptors in multiple sclerosis patients

03.03.2008 to 02.09.2008

Nadine NeumannNadine Neumann

Mutagenetic analysis of the extracellular vestibule of the AMPA receptor GluR1

17.10.2007 to 17.07.2008

Angela OrthAngela Orth

Analysis of autoimmunity against ionotropic glutamate receptors in multiple sclerosis and Rasmussen's encephalitis patients

01.03.2007 to 31.08.2007

Stefan SchreiberStefan Schreiber

Optimierung von Analysebedingungen und Genauswahl für molekularphylogenetische Untersuchungen an Naticidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda)

05.2006 to 03.2007

Christoph KörberChristoph Körber

Modulation of the electrophysiological properties of AMPA receptors by TARPs

01.03.2006 to 27.09.2006

Charlotte SagerCharlotte Sager

Characterisation of the differential modulation of AMPA receptors by TARPs

01.03.2006 to 31.08.2006

Nora BittnerNora Bittner

Investigation of the role of NR3 subunits in NMDA receptors

01.03.2006 to 30.08.2006

Vanessa PaulVanessa Paul

Significance of the N-terminus of glutamate receptors for assembly, intracellular transport and expression at the plasma membrane

14.02.2005 to 12.2005

Marina ClemmensenMarina Clemmensen

Molecular taxonomy of marine caenogastropods

24.08.2004 to 08.2005

Carsten SchmidtCarsten Schmidt

Cloning and functional characterisation of Xenopus laevis glutamate receptors

01.11.2003 to 14.06.2004

Jens BuschJens Busch

Functional investigations of N-terminally truncated glutamate receptors

19.11.2003 to 04.05.2004

Sabine SchmidSabine Schmid

Investigations of domains potentially relevant to the function of the glutamate receptor delta 2

17.01.2003 to 08.2003

Sabine KottSabine Kott

Investigations of the function of truncated glutamate receptor subunits

24.05.2002 to 12.2002

Dominik SchmaltzDominik Schmaltz

Investigations of glutamate receptor concatemers

22.03.2002 to 11.2002

Daniel TapkenDaniel Tapken

Investigation of glutamate receptors from Arabidopsis thaliana

30.11.2001 to 11.07.2002

Thomas HülskenThomas Hülsken

Molecular taxonomy of gastropods; especially investigations of Conus toxin genes

17.07.2001 to 05.2002

Leonard BullLeonard Bull

Experiments to the identification of mammalian homologues of the family of kainate-binding proteins, and cloning of a kainate-binding protein from Xenopus laevis

01.10.1996 to 05.01.1998