The Department of Biochemistry I has four molecular biology and biochemistry laboratories of biosafety level 1, two cell culture laboratories of biosafety level 1, three electrophysiology laboratories and one microcopy laboratory.

Special Equipment


Voltage Clamp6 setups for two-electrode voltage clamp recordings of oocytes

Voltage Clamp1 automated high-throughput system for two-electrode voltage clamp recordings of oocytes Multichannel Systems Roboocyte

Injektion3 injection setups for microinjection into oocytes

Voltage Clamp1 patch clamp setup with perfusion system for fast ligand application

InjektionSemi-automatic patch clamp setup PatchMAX100A with pressure controller ez-gSEAL for recordings from cultured cells and oocytes
Property of the Research Department of Neuroscience

Confocal Microscopy

Mikroskop1 confocal laser-scanning microscope Leica TCS SP2 AOBS with an optional aerated incubation chamber for long-term experiments with living cells

Excitation wavelengths: 458 nm, 476 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 543 nm, 594 nm, 633 nm

DNA Sequencing

ABI 3130xl1 capillary sequencer Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzer

DNA sequencing service for all faculties of the Ruhr University Bochum

Molecular Biology

LightCycler1 real-time PCR machine Roche LightCycler

Protein Purification

  • FPLC system Pharmacia HiLoad


LightCycler2 high speed centrifuges Sorvall RC28S

2 high speed centrifuges Sorvall RC5B

LightCycler1 ultracentrifuge Sorvall Discovery 90

1 ultracentrifuge Sorvall Discovery M120

1 ultracentrifuge Sorvall OTD65B

1 ultracentrifuge Sorvall OTD Combi