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Research Colloquium

Organization: Prof. Markus Werning & Dr. Kevin Reuter
Time: Thursdays, 16-18h (or Tuesdays 18-20h), GA 04/187

Time Speaker Title

25 April 2013

Prof. Dr. Markus Werning (RUB)

Compositionality naturalized: Between mental symbols and embrained simulations

2 May 2013

Sascha Fink, MA (U Osnabrück)

How many stripes are on the tiger of my dreams?

16 May 2013

Kristina Liefke, MA (Tilburg U)

A single-type semantics for natural language

6 June 2013

Dr. Charlie Pelling (BBK, U London)


20 June 2013

Dr. Jennifer Windt (U Mainz)

Analyzing self-experience in dreams: spatiotemporal self-location and minimal phenomenal selfhood

25 June 2013

Dr. Luca Barlassina / Dr. Kevin Reuter (RUB)

More than a feeling: An account of affective phenomenology

2 July 2013

Prof. Dr. Tadeusz Ciecierski (U Warsaw)

Demonstrating procedures and demonstratives

4 July 2013

Dr. David Bain (U Glasgow)

Pains that don’t hurt
18 July 2013
Susanna Melkonian, MA (U Düsseldorf)
The trouble with emotion phenomenology