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Research Colloquium

Organization: Prof. Dr. Markus Werning & Maria Spychalska, M.Sc., M.A.
Time: Thursdays, 16-18h/ 14-16h, GA 04/187

Time Speaker Title

12 April

Prof. Dr. Markus Werning


19 April 16-18

Dr. Stephanie Solt (ILLC Amsterdam)

Empirical Investigations into the Nature of Degrees

26 April 14-16

Maria Spychalska, MSc (RUB)

Superlative Quantifiers, Disjunctive Sentences and Algorithmic Semantics

3 May 16-18

Dr. Felipe Carvalho (RUB)

Varieties of Sortal-dependence

10 May 18-20

Dr. Napoleon Katsos (U Cambridge)

The Acquisition of Quantifiers across Languages and Populations

17 May


24 May

No seminar

31 May

Pentecost vacations

7 June Holiday

14 June 14-16 Dr. Kevin Reuter (Birkbeck College, U London)
Thinking about one's sensory experiences

20 June 14-16 (Wednesday)

Dr. Marie Prévost (U McGill)

Bio-markers of social cognition

21 June 16-18

Dr. Justyna Grudzinska (U Warsaw)

Cumulativity, Number and Plurality: An Experimental Approach (joint work with Julien Musolino and Jasmine Teng)
27 June 18-20 (Wednesday) Dr. Ulrich Reichard (U Durham) Naturalizing Propositions: Compositionality, the Unity of Meaning and the Irreducibility of Structure
28 June 14-16 Dr. Erica Cosentino (U Calabria) Discourse-mediation of the mapping between language and affordances
28 June 18-20
Christopher Topp, MA (RUB & ZiF Bielefeld) Agent causation as Default Structure: an Interdisciplinary Perspective
3 July 18-20 (Tuesday) Prof. Dr. Jeff Pelletier (U Alberta)

One More Time: Frege and Russell on Definite Descriptions

5 July 16-18 Dr. Dirk Kindermann (U St Andrews)

Varieties of Centering and the Common Ground

12 July 14-16
Dr. Jarmo Kontinen (RUB) Dependence Logic