Blaupause 2015

More than 100.000 guests celebrated the Ruhr-University's 50th birthday on June 6th 2015 at the BlauPause. For this occasion the Universitätsstraße was closed to traffic for one day and a five kilometer long row of tables was arranged along the street. From the Ruhr-University in Bochum-Querenburg to Ferdinandstraße near Bochum's main station at more than 1,200 tables the city's organisations and institutions, as well as the faculties, institutes, and various departments of the university presented themselves and joined in the celebrations.

In a joint presentation the International Graduate School of Neuroscience, the Collaborative Research Center 874 and the Research Department of Neuroscience welcomed many visitors. A "Brain Ralley" was specially created for the day to get the younger guests involved, and to spark their interest in neuroscience. Questions such as "What is pareidolia?" or "Which animal has the largest brain?" led the children across the whole BlauPause and to the tables of neuroscientists from many different departments. Every child, which successfully completed the ralley was given a small toy brain to take home as a memento.

Many visitors also took the opportunity to interact with our Brainiacs. These are high school students from Bochum, who explain neuroscientific concepts to the public. Hundreds of curious BlauPause guests had their hearing or their color-vision tested under the guidance of our junior researchers.

The weather lived up to the occasion and thousands of people took to the streets to visit the seemingly endless row of tables on the Universitätsstraße. Many of them took the time to stop at the tables of SFB 874, RDN and IGSN, to learn more about the fascinating field of neuroscience, and to take home some leaflets or brochures. Ultimately we can look back on a very successful event with many interesting conversations and much positive feedback.

Photos of the event

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