Applied Methods

Methods Faculty Members
Acute brain slices Eysel, Manahan-Vaughan
Adenoviral expression system Mark
Animal behaviour Mark, Rose
Animal models of brain disease Krieger, Mark, Müller
Animal models of retinal/optic nerve diseases Joachim
Adenoviral expression system Heumann
Analysis of walking in rats Dinse
Animal behaviorals pardigms Juckel
Applied cognitive science Wascher
Artificial brain stimulation (TMS, ICMS) Funke, Nitsche
Behavioral analysis of learning Krieger, Mark
Behavioral studies with PCD-controlled skinner boxes, lesion studies, pharmacology of behavior Güntürkün, Manns
Behavioural studies of hippocampus-dependent learning Manahan-Vaughan
Biochemistry of the extracellular matrix and complementary receptors Faissner
Biomolecular chip technologies Lübbert
Brain-computer interface Klaes
Brain mapping Nitsche, Wascher
Calcium imaging Hollmann, Reiner
Cell implantation Lübbert
Cerebellar recordings Kruse, Mark
Cerebellar slice cultures Theiss
Coactivated-induced perceptual learning Dinse
Computational modeling Cheng, Nitsche, Schöner, Wiskott
Confocal microscopy, video microscopy Faissner, Funke, Hollmann, Mark, Müller
Confocal laser scanning microscopy Funke, Müller, Theiss
CRISPR-Cas9 knock-out and knock-in Mark, Müller
DNA methylation analysis Kumsta
Data mining Cheng
Deep brain stimulation Axmacher, Nitsche
Development of bioassays for the analysis of the growth of neurites Faissner
Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) Schmidt-Wilcke
Dissociated primary cultures Faissner, Heumann, Hollmann, Lübbert
Electroencephalogram (EEG), human Axmacher, Nitsche, Wascher, Wolf
Electroencephalogram (EEG), rodent Manahan-Vaughan, Mark
Electromyography (EMG) Brüne, Nitsche
Electroretinography (ERG) Joachim
Electron microscopy Theiss
Electron microscopy, immuno-EM Lübbert
Electrophysiology Juckel, Klaes, Mark, Reiner, Rose
Electrophysiology and biochemistry in frog oocytes Hollmann
Electrophysiology of synaptic plasticity Manahan-Vaughan
Enriched environmental conditions Dinse, Funke, Manahan-Vaughan
Event related potentials (ERPs) Nitsche, Suchan, Wascher
Evoked potentials (EP) Brüne, Nitsche
Expression of recombinant proteins in bacteria and mammalian cells Heumann, Hollmann, Mark, Müller, Reiner
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Axmacher, Brüne, Schmidt-Wilcke, Suchan, Tegenthoff
Gene editing Müller
Gene-Environment Interaction Kumsta
Histology Juckel
HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) Funke
Human movement laboratory Schöner
ICMS (Intracortical Micro-stimulation) Dinse, Funke, Klaes
Imaging techniques (two photon microscopy, TIRF, FLIM, FRET, FRAP, BiFC) Herlitze, Müller, Reiner
Immuncytochemistry Juckel, Müller, Winklhofer
Immunohistochemistry and histology Dietzel-Meyer, Funke, Güntürkün, Heumann, Joachim, Lübbert, Manns, Mark, Müller, Tatzelt, Theiss
In-situ hybridisidation, combination with immunohistochemistry or tract-tracing Lübbert
Indirect immunofluorescence Tatzelt
Intracranial EEG Klaes
In-vivo microdialysis Funke, Güntürkün
Intra- and extracellular measurements, ion-sensitive
micro-electrodes, patch clamp measurements of glial cells and neurons
Intracellular measurements with sharp electrodes Eysel
Intracranial EEG Axmacher
Intraocular pressure measurements (IOP) Joachim
Learning and memory in humans Nitsche
Lesions in the brain (by laser, drugs, photothrombosis) Eysel, Lübbert
Machine learning Klaes
Manufacturing of recombinant antibodies Heumann
Mathematical modeling Cheng, Reiner, Schöner
Mathematics Schöner, Wiskott
Measurements of salivary sex-steroid hormones Güntürkün, Wolf
Measurement of reaction times Dinse, Nitsche, Wolf
Measurement of the peripheral conductance velocity of nerve cells Schmidt-Wilcke, Tegenthoff
Measurements of salivary sex-steroid hormones Kumsta
Measurements of salivary stress markers Kumsta, Wolf
Microdialysis Juckel
Micro-injection techniques (proteins, DNA, etc.) Funke, Heumann, Hollmann, Lübbert, Theiss
Mobile EEG Wascher
Model-based analysis of neural and behavioral data Cheng
Molecular cloning, expression cloning, cDNA Banks,
Faissner, Heumann, Hollmann, Lübbert, Müller, Reiner
Molecular genetics Kumsta
Monoclonal antibodies Faissner
Motor cortex mapping Dinse
Mouse genetics (transgene expression and homologous recombination) Herlitze, Mark
Multi-channel electrophysiology in birds Rose
Multi-channel electrophysiology in humans, brain mapping, source localisation Nitsche, Tegenthoff
Multi-colour neuronal tract tracing Güntürkün, Manns
Multi-electrode recordings in rodents Kruse
Multiphoton confocal microscopy Krieger
Multivariate pattern classification analysis (MVPA) Axmacher
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) Joachim
Optical imaging in vivo Krieger
Optical recording of intrinsic signals Dinse, Eysel, Funke, Jancke
Optogenetics Krieger, Mark, Reiner
Patch clamp Krieger
Patch clamp measurements in cultured cells and slice preparations Herlitze, Reiner
Patch clamp ("blind" patch, infrared video microscopy) Eysel, Hollmann
PC-based reconstruction of neurons, morphometry Eysel, Funke, Güntürkün
PC-based studies of attention, learning and memory in humans Nitsche, Wolf
PCR, RT-PCR Faissner, Heumann, Hollmann, Kumsta, Mark, Müller, Tatzelt, Winklhofer
PCR-mutagenesis (mutations, chimaera) Heumann, Hollmann, Müller
Pharmacological manipulation in humans Dinse, Nitsche, Tegenthoff, Wolf
Population coding in visual cortex Jancke
Posttranslational protein modifications (phosphorylation, ubiquitination, sumoylation) Winklhofer
Primary culture of dissociated neuronal and glial cells Theiss, Winklhofer
Primary cultures and cell lines Heumann, Lübbert, Mark, Müller, Tatzelt, Winklhofer
Primary organ culture of retinal explants Joachim
Protein biochemistry, Western Blots Funke, Heumann, Hollmann, Joachim, Lübbert, Mark, Müller, Reiner, Tatzelt, Winklhofer
Protein chromatography Reiner, Tatzelt, Winklhofer
Protein protein interactions: phage display, blot overlay,
co-immunoprecipitation, pulldown, biacore
Proteomics analysis in purified parts of the nervous system and neuroblastoma cell lines Heumann
Psychophyiological measurements Wascher
Psychophysics Dinse, Klaes
Psychophysics of finger-hand motorics Dinse
Psychophysiological measurements Wolf
Psychophysiology (e.g. facial expression analysis) Juckel
Real-time optical imaging of the visualcortex using voltage-sensitive dyes in parallel with extracellular recordings Jancke
Recombinant protein expression in E. coli Reiner, Tatzelt, Winklhofer
Registration of synaptic currents after fast application of transmitters Hollmann
Robotics Schöner
Rodent learning paradigms (water maze, radial maze, operant chamber) Funke
Scanning ion-conductance microscopy Dietzel-Meyer
Simultaneous EEG/fMRI Axmacher
Single cell labelling with Biocytin Eysel
Single cell RT-PCR Hollmann
Single-cell electrophysiology in awake, learning and anesthetized corvids Rose
Single-cell electrophysiology in awake, learning and anesthetized pigeons Güntürkün
Single-cell electrophysiology of the visual and somato-sensory cortex Dinse, Funke
Single channel recordings in vitro (inside out, outside out, cell attached) Reiner
Skin conductance (electrodermal activity, EDA) Axmacher, Brüne
Social cognition Brüne
Source localisation Nitsche
Spectroscopy Reiner, Schmidt-Wilcke
Stereology Manns
Stereotactic tracer injections Güntürkün, Lübbert, Manns, Mark
Stress induction in the laboratory Kumsta, Wolf
Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging (sMRI) Axmacher, Juckel
Study of nonverbal behaviour Brüne
TMS (Transcraniel Magnetic Stimulation) Brüne, Funke, Nitsche, Tegenthoff
Tactile psychophysics Dinse
Transfection techniques Heumann, Mark, Müller, Winklhofer
Transgenic animals Heumann, Lübbert
Transgenic mouse models Krieger, Mark
Two electrode patch clamp Hollmann
Video microscopy Müller, Theiss
Virtual reality Klaes
Virus-mediated infection methods (Sindbis virus) Herlitze
Visual psychophysics Dinse
Visual half-field studies in humans Güntürkün
Whole cell-measurements in vitro, DIC Microscopy Eysel
Yeast-2-Hybrid System Heumann