Services offered by the IGSN:

  • Initial registration with the university
  • Finding your first room / flat
  • Making your first rental agreement for the flat / room
  • Opening a bank account (standard letter Überweisungsträger)
  • Finding health insurance
  • Finding your way around Bochum and the University
  • Registering with the local authorities
  • Helping you with visa problems
  • Informing you which visa is appropriate for whom.
  • Finding the way to Bochum from the airport.
  • Helping you translate letters from the town/university/bank
  • Advice on how to use the university's / department's / institute's libraries

Services NOT offered by the IGSN:

  • Mobile telephone contracts (most mobile shops have somebody who can speak English)
  • Moving house / flat
  • Tax matters / claims
  • Helping you with your work contract if you are not awarded an IGSN scholarship (your supervisor should help you with this)
  • Arranging and / or extending visas if you are not an IGSN scholar (your supervisor should help you with this)
  • Translating general letters
  • Getting a credit card
  • Setting up online banking (most banks have somebody who can speak English)
  • Shopping (however we will give you information where to find what)
  • Staying registered at the university (this has to be done each term within a certain period)
  • Maintaining your health insurance (however there are some standard letters which you can consult)