Student Information

The Ruhr-University's International Office offers a great deal of information for foreign students and may be able to help with some of your questions. Please be sure to consult their homepage:

  • There are German courses especially offered by the RUB-Research School for doctoral students (if you are interested in taking part please let us know). We would appreciate and welcome it if you decided to learn German.
  • If you need an extra English course you will have to organise it yourself. (Ask other IGSN students or colleagues in the department where you are doing your PhD-project).
  • The University has a "Uni- Sport Centre" where you can do all kinds of sports. Programmes are available on the University's Website.
  • We have several leaflets about the Ruhr Area and activities in and around the Ruhr Area (please contact a student assistant in room FNO 1/111).
  • If you are planning to come to Bochum for the first time (to start your programme) please do not come on a Saturday or Sunday. Try to make your travel arrangements so that you arrive in the morning (this means before 12:00 p.m.). This is very important, because we have to get the keys for your room/flat.
  • In Germany we have to pay fees (known as GEZ) for radio and television sets. If you own a radio or television (even one you do not use!), you are obliged to pay these fees. Possessing a radio or TV, but not paying GEZ is illegal!
  • Neuroscientific books concerning your studies can be borrowed from the IGSN (ask our secretary Mrs Espinoza).
  • We have translated some of the standard letters and forms you will receive or need to use (e.g. for making a cash transfer or a letter from your health insurance company).
  • There is a free "Handbook to Germany" (very useful) available to you! (Only for IGSN-students, only one copy per person).
  • Every change of residence has to be reported to the appropriate authorities (Bürgerbüro). This also applies if you move house or flat within Bochum. (Please collect forms from our office).
  • Please always give your new address to
    - the student assistant (
    - the IGSN office. (
    - to your bank
    - health insurance
    - Deutsche Telekom (the telephone company , if you have your own telephone).
    - Post office
  • Please always let the IGSN know if you have changed you bank account (so that they can transfer the money to you).