Media Reports

The International Graduate School of Neuroscience is often in the news.
Here you can read some of the most recent media reports about the IGSN, its students and members.

12.10.2017 - Nerd Alert on YouTube
Watch a report on the research of IGSN faculty member Boris Suchan
Link to video on YouTube

04.10.2017 - Good news: Gamers have an advantage in learning
IGSN faculty member Boris Suchan and his team let Video gamers compete against non-gamers in a learning competition. During the test, the video gamers performed significantly better and showed increased brain activity in the brain areas that are relevant for learning.
Link to article on SFB874 website.

18.09.2017 - Standard Methods May Lead to Distorted Results
Brain Neurons are sensitive, they only respond normally to natural signals. Therefore it might be time for neuroscientists to reconsider their knowledge.
Link to article on SFB874 website.

24.08.2017 - How the Emotions of Others Influence Our Olfactory Sense
Whether something smells good or bad, does not solely depend on one's own nose.
Link to article on SFB874 website.

08.06.2017 - Spatial Maps - For Rodents, Seeing is Believing
It's never easy to orientate oneself in a new place - that applies to rats as well. IGSN faculty members have examined how the brains of rats cope with the challenge
Link to article on SFB874 website.

12.05.2016 - Feel Better with Electricity
A special non-invasive and painless form of electrostimulation activates particular areas of the brain. A pin-point activation of our tactile sense offers exciting therapy approaches.
Link to article on SFB874 website.