Course Content
Lecture "From Molecules to Cognition"
Lab Rotation Finding the appropriate lab and supervisor for the PhD-project
Symposia National and international talks on a monthly basis
Journal Club Discussion on recent publications concerning the PhD-project on a weekly basis
Research-oriented Courses Courses for further research skills needed for the PhD-project (see also the applied methods)
Selected specialised Courses For example:
How to write a research proposal
How to write a proposal on animal experiments
How to write a proposal on genetic engineering
Statistical methods
Selected general Courses For example:
Skills in management
Project groups and teamwork
Moderation techniques
Professional presentation
Media techniques in talks

The lecture course "From Molecules to Cognition" of the winter term 2020/2021 at the International Graduate School of Neuroscience will start in October 2020.

Lecture scripts are available for IGSN-students via the Moodle platform (Account access information is available for IGSN-students from the IGSN-coordinator).