Prof. Dr. Martin Tegenthoff, Neurologische Universitätsklinik, BG-Kliniken Bergmannsheil, Faculty of Medicine

Martin Tegenthoff

Research Programme:

Training-induced and lesion-dependent plasticity in human sensorimotor and visual cortex

The physiological effect of motor, sensory and visual training paradigms on the associated representation areas in the intact human cortex is studied. Methodologically we use neurophysiological techniques like EEG and/or evoked potential (EP)-mapping and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). In collaboration with radiologists functional magnetic resonance imaging (f-MRI) is also applied. The influence of various neurotransmitter systems on the training induced cortical reorganisation is evaluated by neuropharmacological modulation of these neurotransmitter systems.

On the basis of these physiological studies we examine patients with defined traumatic or ischemic lesions of the sensorimotor and/or visual cortex. The efficacy of neurorehabilitative procedures is tested with respect to the clinical improvement/outcome and the simultaneous cortical reorganisation. Beside physiotherapeutic and pharmacological methods we evaluate the therapeutic effect of repetitive TMS (r-TMS) within a neurorehabilitaion programme. Additionally special learning programmes adapted to the theory of Hebbian learning are applied.

Another main focus is the study of cortical correlatives of pain syndromes. Changes of cortical organization are studied with respect to the effect of a simultaneous conservative or invasive pain therapy. The examined patients mainly suffer from different neuropathic pain syndromes. A special interest is centered on the complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).