Prof. Dr. Ralf Gold, Director Neurological Clinic, Faculty of Medicine

Ralf Gold

Research Programme:

We are investigating basic mechanisms that underlie the autoimmune attack, demyelination and axonal loss in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), an animal model for multiple sclerosis (MS). Currently our research is focussed on regulatory T cells, neurotrophic factors (eg. BDNF and CNTF) and their potentially neuroprotective role in the ongoing EAE, on liposomal steroids and their therapeutic application, and on the investigation of the role of co-stimulatory molecules in the disease course of EAE.

For these purposes we are using genetically modified animal models such as transgenic and conditional knock-out mice besides already well-established EAE models in Lewis and DA rats and C57Bl6 mice (active and passive EAE). One of our future goals is the establishment of engineered vehicles for therapeutic application of neurotrophic cytokines.


Cell lines and tissue culture:

  1. T cell clones specific for rat and mouse (encephalitogenic) antigens
  2. Proliferation assays
  3. Glial cells (astrocytes, microglia)

Animal models:

  1. MOG-EAE in C57Bl6 mice (active and passive)
  2. MBP-EAE in C57Bl6 mice (active)
  3. MBP-EAE in Lewis rats (active and passive)
  4. MOG-EAE in DA rats (active)
  5. LysMCre and lck Cre mice

Confocal microscopy
Real-time PCR
FACS analysis